NSBA Teleconference Provides Post-Address Analysis

January 21, 2015

pic-uscapitol-flagOn Jan. 21, NSBA hosted a teleconference to discuss President Barack Obama’s State of the Union Address as well as the Republican Response. Held less than 24-hours following the address, the small-business owners in attendance were treated to inside analysis from a veteran of the Capitol Hill reporting arena, J.D. Harrison, reporter and digital editor for On Small Business, the Washington Post’s small business-focused offering.

Harrison talked about the address itself, highlighting the key small-business mentions in the President’s comments. He also discussed which overall issues are likely to move in the coming months, as well as how the landscape is likely to change under the new Republican leadership. Harrison took several questions from participants on issues ranging from political reform to possible government shutdowns. He also talked politics in general and how much work is likely to get done during the next two years with the 2016 presidential election looming.

Joining Harrison was NSBA President Todd McCracken and VP of Government Affairs Jody Milanese who provided the small-business perspective on the President’s speech as well as the Republican response. McCracken outlined the political nature of both addresses but expressed hope that there could be some compromise on a handful of key issues, including trade and some form of tax reform. Milanese discussed NSBA’s priority-setting procedures and encouraged callers to get involved through the upcoming Small Business Congress.

If you were unable to participate in the call, please click here to download the podcast.