NSBA to File Comments on HHS Exchange Regulations

September 27, 2011

NSBA filed comments Sept. 28 on the proposed regulations on health insurance exchanges from the Department Health and Human Services (HHS). In its comments, NSBA argued that state and regional flexibility is important because health insurance markets are far from uniform around the country. NSBA went on to suggest specific language that would enhance HHS’s regulations with regards to such flexibility.

Additionally, NSBA argued that small-business representation on health insurance exchange governing boards should be mandatory. NSBA argued that HHS is doing a poor job of meeting the plain language requirements now governing federal agency guidance, and that HHS must adhere to the new requirement more strictly.

NSBA also raised a number of questions regarding how quality ratings of health insurance would work in practice, and made suggestions on how to make those ratings more useful.

The original deadline for comments was today, Sept. 28, however late yesterday, HHS announced they would extend the comment period to Oct. 31, 2011. NSBA, however, filed comments on Sept. 28, which can be viewedhere.