NSBA Urges Senate to Act Quickly on Small Business Stimulus

March 18, 2020

March 18, 2020

Molly Day

NSBA Urges Senate to Act Quickly on Small Business Stimulus

Washington, D.C. – NSBA applauds lawmakers who are focusing efforts on helping America’s ravaged small-business community in these economically devastating times. NSBA strongly supports the efforts and leadership of Sens. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) and Susan Collins (R-Maine) to ensure small-business stimulus is a part of any broader COVID package.

Providing stimulus to small business with speed and accessibility is paramount.

“Maintaining small-business cash-flow and liquidity will be key to enabling successful small businesses to get to the other side of this crisis,” stated NSBA President and CEO Todd McCracken. “Time is of the essence – small businesses need help NOW, and I believe that SBA is ready and fully equipped to get this critically important program off the ground quickly. But Congress must act soon.”

NSBA is urging Senators to quickly pass legislation and support Sens. Rubio’s and Collin’s efforts to provide relief to America’s small businesses which are struggling to deal with the economic fall-out of COVID-19.

“I implore lawmakers to look not only at what happens the first two weeks, but what happens two and three months down the road: an employee may get paid leave off for two weeks, but have no job at all when things finally normalize,” stated McCracken. “Most small businesses exist on very narrow margins and simply don’t have the scope necessary to float the business indefinitely. Any package enacted into law must recognize that reality and provide meaningful relief.”

Please click here to access NSBA’s resource page on COVID-19 which includes a new poll, small-business profiles and much more.

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