NSBA Webinar: ACA Update & Health Insurance

December 11, 2013

pic-health-cost-blueRecently, NSBA launched a new health insurance offering that may provide a solution to the ever-increasing cost of health insurance for small employers. NSBA has partnered with The Association Benefits Solution (TABS) to bring eligible NSBA members a new self-insured option for health insurance.

To provide additional details on the NSBA-TABS Health Plan as well as provide an update on the status of various PPACA provisions as they impact small business, NSBA and TABS will hold a webinar for members on Thursday, Dec. 12 at 2:00 p.m. EST. For more details, please click here or visit www.nsba.biz/tabs.

The NSBA-TABS Health Plan is designed to provide comprehensive coverage for small-business employees without many of the expensive regulatory requirements ahead under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA). Under the plan, small businesses can choose from 15 different health benefit plans offered by two major health insurance carriers.

Because self-funded health insurance is exempted from many of the most burdensome regulations and requirements soon to be in effect under PPACA, the NSBA-TABS Health Plan can offer many small businesses greater stability in health care costs in the years ahead.

The NSBA-TABS Health Plan may not be a perfect fit for every small business: eligible firms will have at least 10 employees and must be a member of NSBA. Those firms with low health insurance claims will reap the most benefits. In addition to the NSBA-TABS Health Plan, NSBA has another member benefit where small businesses of any size can achieve savings on their health care costs.

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