NSBA, West Virginia University to Survey Exporting

January 23, 2013

pic-export-shipNSBA is partnering with researchers from West Virginia University to study the exporting practices and challenges of its members. NSBA—and its international trade arm, the Small Business Exporters Association (SBEA)—has been focused on growing exporting opportunities for small businesses for many years, and this research project will provide NSBA and WVU greater insight into the challenges small- and mid-sized exporters face.

In 2009, President Barack Obama announced a plan to double U.S. exports from $1.5 trillion in 2009 to $3 trillion by 2014 and much of that growth is expected to come from small and mid-size firms.  Key to achieving these goals is the alignment of a firm’s marketing strategy, marketing capabilities, and country choice and these concepts will be the focus of this research project. Exporting is an important growth strategy for many small businesses and continues to be a bright spot throughout the last several years of lagging economic growth.

In the coming week, NSBA and SBEA members will be sent a link to the online survey and the research will be unveiled in mid-2013.