Obama Vetoes House Bill on “Ambush” Elections

April 8, 2015

pic-nlrb-laborIn an expected move, President Barack Obama last week vetoed a Congressional measure designed to block a potentially destructive new rule from the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). That rule—which dangerously tips the scales in favor of unions in workplace elections—is now scheduled to take effect April 14.

The NLRB rule could force a union election on a workplace with as little as 11 days of notice, before many small employers (and workers) understand the implications of unionization, or how to education themselves or their workers about the consequences of a vote. Without the necessary information, workers could make a decision they come to regret, and which will be very difficult to reverse. Further, employers will be forced to turnover personal information about employees to union organizers without employees’ consent.

Republican leaders of the House and Senate decried the President’s veto and vowed to continue to fight the rule and the heavily pro-union activities of the NLRB.