Small Business Sets The Agenda

NSBA is a uniquely member-driven organization where the small-business members drive our policy agenda.  Every two years, at the beginning of a new Congress, NSBA holds the Small Business Congress where small-business owners discuss, debate and the vote on our Priority Issues.

Bolster SBA Lending

NSBA urges policymakers and regulators to seek every opportunity to strengthen and bolster the critical lending programs at the U.S. Small Business Administration.

Support Robust Small Business Contracting

NSBA supports reasonable reforms and policies that will further promote and facilitate small-business participation in the federal marketplace.

Improve Access to Credit

NSBA urges Congress and regulators to improve and enhance the availability of credit, capital and equity financing to small businesses, particularly as they work to survive and grow post-pandemic.

Rein-in the Costs of Health Care

NSBA urges policymakers to reduce health care costs through greater transparency, market-based incentives, reducing the rate of medical utilization, eliminating wasteful and harmful care, improving quality and eliminating the tax on self-employed health insurance.

Enact Tax Reform that Prioritizes Simplification

NSBA urges further tax reform that simplifies the tax code for small businesses, creates stability and predictability in our tax laws, moves toward greater tax parity and addresses the national debt.

Close the Partisan Divide and Reform Politics

NSBA urges policymakers to reduce the partisanship in our political system and thereby transform it into a higher-performing institution to best address the needs of America’s small businesses.

Improve Workforce Training

NSBA urges policymakers to seek solutions to the worker skills gap that makes hiring especially challenging and to ensure hiring is not hampered by unnecessary and unfair regulations.

Regulatory Reform and Paperwork Reduction

Congress should seek to ease the massive federal regulatory burden through proposals such as a national regulatory budget to bring much needed regulatory reform and transparency.

Strengthen Federal Innovation Programs

NSBA urges Congress to permanently authorize and increase the funding levels for the SBIR and STTR programs, while retaining oversight through required regular agency reporting to ensure that funding is being used appropriately.

Oppose Counter-Productive Minimum Wage Increases

NSBA urges policymakers to take caution in promulgating any kind of federal mandate on small businesses––particularly now under the weight of the pandemic and massive economic downturn.

Support Fair and Simple Capital Gains Taxes

NSBA cautions policymakers that any proposal to raise the taxes on capital gains must be structured to ensure that small businesses do not bear the burden.