AA017956On July 6, 2015, the Obama Administration proposed new overtime rules which will massively increase the salary threshold below which all employees must be paid overtime, from the current $23,660 to $50,400 a whopping 113% increase.

Currently, employees defined as managerial, administrative, or professional under the so-called “duties test” are exempt from overtime rules, so long as their earnings total at least $23,660 per year. The proposal seeks comment on the test, opening the door to changes to be adopted in a final rule.

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Additionally, on Aug. 13, 2015 NSBA held an issue briefing teleconference for members to discuss proposed overtime regulations which could more than double the salary threshold for paying overtime from $23,660 to $50,400 – a whopping 113% increase. The featured labor expert and attorney Michael Eastman, who currently serves as VP for Public Policy at the Equal Employment Advisory Council.

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