Reliable, Secure Networks Help Small Biz IT Access

June 11, 2013

pic-techMore and more small and medium businesses are recognizing that moving business processes to the Cloud can reduce capital expenditures for hardware and software, and cut the workload for IT teams. For many SMBs, the Cloud may solve a nagging problem – that they simply don’t have an IT team, or that the personnel they rely on just don’t have the time needed to help drive increased productivity, grow revenue and ensure security.

As confusing as “the Cloud” can be, the fact is that to get to the Cloud you need a wide area network. Whether bridging to a private or public Cloud, the network’s reliability, speed and security directly impact return on investment into email and collaboration services, data backup, project management tools, and all the other business processes supported by Infrastructure as a Service implementations. Your network’s capacity is another important consideration, especially as Big Data and data analytics become more useful in steering business decisions, and rich content such as video grows as a messaging vehicle. In light of all this, it’s clear that the Internet Service Provider (ISP) you choose is important to your Cloud strategy.

Level 3 Communications, a Tier 1 ISP, is now offering enterprise-class Internet connectivity to SMBs through a simple, self-service portal. Through Level 3’s Steel Thread Internet Services, you can get pricing and set up low latency, reliable and highly secure Internet connectivity on your own without all the extra time spent meeting with salespeople and listening to presentations. You can choose the speed and capacity that matches your business needs in pre-configured solutions (ranging from 1.54 Mbps to 1000 Mbps) or build your own enterprise grade solution. You can also include all the bells and whistles like optical access and managed services.

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