New NSBA Discount on RingCentral

December 2, 2020

Over the last nine months, the way we all do business has drastically changed – in fact, nearly every aspect of our daily lives has changed even on a very basic level with we engage with one another. Companies like NSBA’s newest partner, RingCentral have not only brought video-conferencing into all our lives, they have ensured we can continue engaging with family, friends, employees and customers in a meaningful way.

As a new partner, RingCentral is offering a special discount for NSBA members. Learn more here.

RingCentral is more than just video conferencing, however. They recently sponsored the virtual Small Business School Challenge, featuring businesses across the country and teams from some of the top MBA programs around (Carnegie Mellon, Yale, UC Berkeley, and more). 

The retail businesses who participated came to the table with the challenges they’re facing, especially during the economic difficulties caused by COVID-19. They were paired up with an MBA team to brainstorm solutions and come up with a plan to alleviate their biggest pain point. 

Here’s some of the top advice the MBAs passed on to the retail business owners.

1. Increase website traffic and overall online presence

  • Find your unique strengths and build your brand around them
  • Reward your return customers 
  • Make the shopping and buying processes as simple as possible by expanding ways to pay online 

2. How to maintain a workforce in difficult times

Dan & Whit’s, a store with an online presence out of Vermont, have had a tough time with staffing during COVID-19.TheMBA students from Dartmouth College’s Tuck School of Business identified a potential solution as training employees to work from home. 

This way, when employees can’t come into the store due to COVID, they can still contribute by:

  • Managing online orders
  • Answering phones via call forwarding 
  • Expanding social media presence
  • Calling suppliers to reorder products given the frequent shortages

Given that Dan & Whit’s has a history of cross-training their employees across functions, this should be an easy extension of their responsibilities.

The lesson here? Bake flexible work into the DNA of your business so employees can work from anywhere. One way to do this: invest in the right tools the first time.

A powerful unified communications platform makes any location work-ready. Whether you need a phone service, group messaging, video conferencing, or all three, there’s sure to be a plan to fit your team’s remote needs. With RingCentral, all of these features live in one clean and simple app that’s easy for anyone to navigate:

3. How to expand a retail business into online markets

Many of Fusion Doll’s sales were from word-of-mouth in a face-to-face setting, so the students planned to incentivize customers further through the use of a coupon code. This would help spread the brand’s awareness outside of the local area where Fusion Dolls is currently working. 

Digital gift codes would also offer new purchasers the chance to buy a doll for a friend/loved one and let them choose the doll. In addition to allowing customer flexibility, this would give Fusion Dolls cash to use in the immediate period.

RingCentral is a proud partner of the National Small Business Association and is offering a special discount to NSBA members! Learn more here or call (866) 314-4072 to learn more.