SBA Hosts Reg Fairness Hearing

August 21, 2019

On Aug. 19, the Small Business Administration (SBA) National Ombudsman office held a National Regulatory Fairness Hearing in Washington, DC. The SBA Office of the National Ombudsman is responsible for investigating and resolving unfair regulatory actions or excessive penalties by federal agencies against small businesses. 

The SBA’s National Ombudsman Office is a resource for entrepreneurs, trade associations, nonprofits and small government entities who are facing unfair enforcement actions, excessive penalties, fines and other regulatory issues with federal agencies. They are an independent voice for small business within the federal government, and can help to: resolve regulatory disputes with federal agencies; reduce unfair penalties and fines; and seek remedies when regulations are inconsistently applied.

Four members of NSBA’s Board of Trustees serve on Regulatory Fairness Boards as appointed by the SBA Administrator: Rick Snow of Maine Indoor Karting; Marilyn Landis of Basic Business Concepts, Inc. and past-chair of NSBA; Jeff Koenig of Open4Business, LLC; and Keith Ashmus of FrantzWard, LLP, also a past-chair of NSBA.

This hearing afforded a unique platform for small businesses to surface concerns regarding unfair or excessive Federal regulatory enforcement actions taken against small businesses involving any Federal agency which impact them, their members, and/ or others in the small-business community.

While they hold regional regulatory fairness hearings and roundtables around the country, the National Hearing allowed them to hear directly from small businesses and provided an opportunity for representatives of small businesses to report significant national trends in Federal regulatory compliance and enforcement and thereby, inform their assessment of systemic regulatory barriers to small business growth and prosperity.

Comments and concerns raised at the regulatory fairness hearing will be directed to the appropriate federal agency for a fairness review to reduce undue regulatory burdens, while helping small businesses succeed. 

At previous National Regulatory Fairness Hearings, small businesses, trade associations, and small business groups went on the record expressing their regulatory concerns and raising awareness among Federal regulators regarding regulations that impose disproportionate burdens on America’s small businesses.

You can also visit the SBA Office of the National Ombudsman’s website at