SBTC Testifies Before Senate

February 3, 2016

pic-congress-hearingOn Thursday, Jan. 28, Jere Glover, executive director of the Small Business Technology Council (SBTC) testified before the Senate Small Business & Entrepreneurship Committee on the upcoming Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and  Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) programs’ reauthorization. SBTC is the hi-tech arm of NSBA and is the nation’s largest association of small, high-tech SBIR and STTR companies in diverse fields.

Although the SBIR program isn’t set to expire until 2017, there has been a strong push by SBTC and NSBA to get a reauthorization bill passed now to avoid issues that arose during the previous reauthorization cycle that led to 12 continuing resolutions over three years before SBIR was officially reauthorized.

In his testimony, Glover cited that the SBIR/STTR programs together account for $2.0-2.5 billion dollars, representing less than two percent of the total Federal R&D budget of 144.4 billion dollars. The Congressionally-stated objectives of the SBIR/STTR programs are to: 1) stimulate technological innovation; 2) use small businesses to meet federal R&D needs; 3) foster and encourage the participation of socially and economically disadvantaged small businesses; and 4) increase the private sector commercialization of innovations derived from federal R&D. All these objectives have been met on the side of the SBIR/STTR programs.

Glover went on to highlight a number of recommendations to strengthen the SBIR/STTR programs, including: complete reauthorization this Congress; make the SBIR/STTR programs permanent; increase the allocation significantly; increase the number of personnel and budget of the SBA Office of Technology; and a number of more specific updates to the program.

In conclusion, Glover stated that, “The SBIR/STTR Program has been extremely successful with less than two percent of the total Federal R&D budget and only 3.3 percent of the extramural R&D budget. After 17 NRC favorable reports and 33 years of success, the Small Business Technology Council agrees with the Chairman and Ranking Member of this Committee. It is time to increase the size of the program and make it permanent.”

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Click here to watch the hearing in full. Mr. Glover’s testimony begins at 1:40.