SBTCs’ Jere Glover Testifies in Senate

October 20, 2021

On September 22, the Senate Small Business and Entrepreneurship Committee held a hearing titled “A Review of the SBIR-STTR (Small Business Innovation Research and Small Business Technology Transfer) Program”.  Small Business Technology Council (SBTC, the high-tech arm of NSBA) Executive Director Jere Glover was one of two witnesses invited to testify.  During his testimony, Glover touted the 40-year success of the program, highlighting its huge economic impact and the key technical innovations it has generated.  He urged Congress to reauthorize SBIR and STTR as soon as possible, to give small businesses and agencies the clarity and security they need to plan ahead, knowing these important programs will still be around in a few years.

Most of the Senators at the hearing praised the SBIR and STTR programs, and supported its reauthorization.  Ranking Member Rand Paul (R-Ky.), on the other hand, was highly critical of the program, describing it as wasteful and reiterating the debunked idea that the bulk of the programs’ spending goes to “SBIR Mills”. Sen. Paul unfortunately left the hearing after his opening statement and did not have any questions for the witnesses. Chairman Ben Cardin (D-Md.) lauded the programs’ many successes, and offered his support to a speedy reauthorization.  Other Senators at the hearing also offered praise for the program and asked questions about how to improve and strengthen them.

To read Glover’s full written testimony, and to view watch a replay of the hearing, click on the links below:

SBTC Jere Glover Written Testimony SSBC Hearing Sep 22 2021

Senate Small Business & Entrepreneurship Committee Hearing: A Review of the SBIR/STTR Program