Small Business Reaction to State of the Union

March 2, 2022

March 2, 2022

Molly Day

Washington, D.C. – President Joe Biden delivered his official State of the Union Address last night where he highlighted his administration’s efforts on pandemic recovery, recent economic growth, the infrastructure plan, and supply chain issues.

Below is a statement from NSBA President and CEO Todd McCracken:

“I applaud President Biden’s calls to boost competition, citing the untenable position many small businesses find themselves in due to unfair competition. Unfortunately, he also touted legislation like the PRO Act which will severely hamstring small employers’ ability to fairly make the case against a unionizing campaign. While President Biden argues that workers shouldn’t be stopped from forming a union, I would argue they shouldn’t be forced, either.

“It is critical that policymakers understand the differences between small and large businesses: larger corporations might be able to adapt to new employment and wage requirements, but these rules could crush many small businesses. We urge the administration and lawmakers to seek small-business input on any kind of new wage and leave mandates and provide reasonable time frames and needed flexibility.

“The president also touched on some key issues where small business needs help: addressing the ongoing supply chain issues, perhaps through eased port restrictions or strengthening employee availability; actively pursuing fraudulent actors who took PPP money out of the hands of small business; and expanding skills-based hiring which could greatly ease some of the labor shortage many small firms are facing.

“I look forward to continuing our work with the Biden administration in providing insight and perspective from America’s small businesses as policymakers move forward on these important topics.”

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