Small Business Votes Access to Credit Top Priority

February 24, 2021

NSBA’s biennial Small Business Congress has officially come to a close, the result: an ambitious list of priorities for the 117th Congress. Small businesses selected access to capital, a strong small-business role in the federal marketplace and reining-in the cost of health care their top priorities for Congress and the administration to address in the coming two years.

“The emphasis on capital is no surprise given the very challenging state of small business today,” stated Todd McCracken NSBA president and CEO. “What is a little surprising is how high on this list political reform is. Ultimately, pragmatic small-business owners know that our priorities rest on the shoulders of a functional political system—a system that has been shamefully deteriorating over the past several months and years.”

NSBA’s Top Priorities for the 117th Congress are:

  1. Bolster SBA Lending
  2. Support Robust Small Business Contracting
  3. Improve Access to Credit
  4. Rein in the Costs of Health Care
  5. Enact Tax Reform That Prioritizes Simplification
  6. Close the Partisan Divide and Reform Politics
  7. Improve Workforce Training
  8. Regulatory Reform and Paperwork Reduction
  9. Strengthen Federal Innovation Programs
  10. Oppose Counter-Productive Minimum Wage Increases
  11. Support Fair and Simple Capital Gains Taxes

“Despite a year fraught with unforeseen hardships, the resilience and dedication of NSBA’s leaders and membership was on full display as we spent many hours over the last three weeks to craft this agenda,” stated NSBA Chair ML Mackey, CEO and Co-Founder of Beacon Interactive Systems in Waltham, Mass. “We come from different backgrounds and different political ideologies and I am proud to lead a group that made the choice to set aside the all-too-common ‘us or them’ mentality to become we. This is the agenda that WE set.”

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