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U.S. Signs New Trade Deal with Mexico and Canada

December 4, 2018 3:04 pm Published by

Late last week, President Trump, Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau and Mexican President Peña Nieto signed the new U.S. Mexico Canada Agreement (USMCA) in Buenos Aires, resolving a trade dispute between the U.S. and its closest neighbors.

New US-Mexico Trade Agreement

September 5, 2018 4:08 pm Published by

Recently, President Trump announced a preliminary agreement between the U.S. and Mexico in the renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement.

NAFTA Renegotiations Update

October 18, 2017 10:53 am Published by

Talk is continuing to grow that President Trump may pull the U.S. out of NAFTA as the fourth round of talks finish in Washington, DC this week.