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Despite Long To-Do List, August Recess Begins

August 5, 2015 1:04 pm Published by

At the end of this week, all of Congress will begin their August recess during which they will tend to district matters, constituent meetings and ongoing fundraising efforts. Unfortunately, their to-do list remains long and challenging.

House Vote on Patent Bill Expected Soon

July 14, 2015 4:01 pm Published by

Lawmakers in the House are expected to vote on the NSBA-opposed Innovation Act (H.R. 9) before they conclude legislative business in July--legislation which could decimate small inventors in the U.S.

House Approves NSBA-Opposed Innovation Act

June 16, 2015 6:17 pm Published by

Late last week, the House Judiciary Committee approved the NSBA-opposed Innovation Act (H.R. 9) 24-8 which, despite changes, still fails to adequately protect small inventors and remains very problematic.

Senate Judiciary Committee Advances PATENT Act

June 9, 2015 5:00 pm Published by

On June 4, the Senate Judiciary Committee approved the Protecting American Talent and Entrepreneurship Act (PATENT) Act, which NSBA has opposed due to its inclusion of language unworkable for the nation’s smallest inventors and patent holders.

Patent Reform Update

May 26, 2015 5:42 pm Published by

The House and Senate Judiciary committees are likely to revisit their NSBA-opposed patent bills--the PATENT Act in the Senate and the Innovation Act in the House--soon after their return from recess in early-June.

Senate Delves into Patent Reform

May 13, 2015 10:45 am Published by

Last week, the Senate Judiciary Committee held a hearing to examine recently-introduced patent legislation that could be harmful to small inventors and patent holders.

Patent Demand Letter Bill Moves through House Cmte

April 29, 2015 10:53 am Published by

This week, the House Energy and Commerce Committee began marking up the TROL Act, which would stem the practice of fraudulent and abusive patent demand letters while helping legitimate patent holders protect their intellectual property.

Patent Bill Reintroduced

February 11, 2015 10:30 am Published by

Last week, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.), introduced the Innovation Act which identical to the previous iteration of the bill which NSBA opposed.