Texas Business Leaders Talk Economy, Pandemic Recovery

July 16, 2021


Molly Day, VP of Public Affairs

Washington, D.C. – Recently, Texas members of the National Small Business Association (NSBA) Leadership Council met to discuss and share the successes and challenges they faced during the pandemic and how their businesses are doing as they emerge from the crisis. Many of the participants indicated frustration in obtaining government contracts and the need for the process to be more streamlined allowing smaller firms greater access to the federal procurement system.

“Small business in the state of Texas is as diverse as the state is large, and many of our Leadership Council members are Veteran-owned and continue serving the military and the government through contracting,” stated Austin-area business owner Malcolm Prouty, who serves on NSBA’s Board of Trustees. “As we move back to business-as-usual, small businesses need policies that support economic growth so we can create jobs and support our local communities.”

Texas members of the NSBA Leadership Council have actively been reaching out to their legislators to share their stories and urge them to seek and support pro-small-business legislation. A leading topic of discussion was the bipartisan infrastructure framework and the need for small businesses to play a prominent role in both shaping the legislation and having fair and equal access when it comes to the federal contracting process once the bill has passed.

Texas business owners are engaged and ready to work with legislators in order to promote the needs of small business both nationally and in Texas.

Owners whose businesses operate from the following Congressional Districts were represented at the meeting:

  • Bei Gou, Smart Electric Grid, LLC, (TX-6)
  • Lynn Yeoman, Yeoman Consulting Services, LLC (TX-7)
  • Action Jackson, Action One Media Group, LLC (TX-7)
  • Atum Ra, Action One Media Group, LLC, (TX-7)
  • Bibilola Ladipo-Ajayi, MyNow Precision Wellness, (TX-8)
  • Nick Madincea, Drone Parks Worldwide, (TX-8)
  • Kathryn Bonesteel, Nixie Technologies, (TX-18)
  • Denitra Maxey, Maxey McGraw Industries, (TX-20)
  • Simon Garcia, VSC Insurance, (TX-20)
  • Jorge Sanchez, THOR Energy, LLC, (TX-20)
  • Cathy Garcia, VSC Insurance, (TX-20)
  • Peter Davis, Davis Company, LLC. (TX-21)
  • Chau Phan, BiocarePharmRx Cina Pharmaceutical, (TX-22)
  • Annie Troung, BiocarePharmRx Cina Pharmaceutical, (TX-22)
  • Valéssa Taylor, Go Core Mind Body Soul, (TX-23)
  • David Ricci, BNN Services (TX-24)
  • Erin Morgan, Driftwood Commercial, (TX-25)
  • John Zamarip, Ayos Air, (TX-25)
  • Charlotte Allen, AZAR Foundation, Inc., (TX-30)
  • Kevin Murphy, Umbrella International Group, (TX-30)
  • Malcolm Prouty, Systems & Materials Research Corp, (TX-35)

Please contact the NSBA media department to speak to one of our Texas Leadership Council members. info@nsba.biz

The Leadership Council of the NSBA is a group of small business leaders who are the grassroots advocates for the organization. Celebrating more than 80 years in operation, NSBA is a member-driven, nonpartisan organization advocating on behalf of America’s entrepreneurs. Please visit www.nsba.biz.