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December 5, 2017

NSBA BackgroundMost businesses would love the media exposure that companies like Apple and Tesla enjoy. This type of media coverage could help shape the perception of your product or service, and increase your status within your industry.

Unfortunately, most small businesses don’t have major league budgets, but new NSBA partner, Media in Motion is offering NSBA members access to a new system that completely levels the playing field.

Small-business owners have understandably had a love-hate relationship with media publicity. Despite the potential risk of bad publicity, entrepreneurs have benefited greatly from the status and endorsement that comes from appearing in major media. For over a hundred years the likes of Thomas Edison, Steve Jobs and Elon Musk have built empires, in part, on their ability to command favorable coverage from the media.

The problem is that media campaigns have always been expensive, time consuming and unpredictable (nobody knows if you’ll get any coverage or if it will be positive).

This is one reason most businesses never get any major publicity at all. It’s also a big reason why many best-in-class products or services from smaller companies never receive the recognition they deserve from the business press.

Today, thanks to a proprietary system, NSBA Partner Media in Motion is changing everything you thought you knew about media publicity. Join us on Dec. 14 at 2:00 p.m. EST for a free teleconference that will teach you how to expand your media exposure.

Click here for a case study in how Media in Motion’s system has helped other small businesses.

See an example story here.

On this free teleconference, you’ll be introduced to the Brand Authority System: Media Campaigns for Small Business. Through extensive relationships in the publishing industry Media in Motion  has developed a system for placing small-business owners, their products or key personnel into syndicated business news stories.

The  placements in major media are guaranteed and are achieved for a fraction of the cost of traditional publicity campaigns.

This  teleconference is a must for any small-business owner whose  business would benefit from being showcased in news stories appearing on dozens of network television affiliate sites (ABC, CBS, NBC & FOX) and major market newspaper websites.

This Dec. 14 teleconference is exclusively for NSBA members, and has never been publicly offered before.

Click here to register TODAY!

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