Volunteers in Medicine Aims to Help Uninsured

December 4, 2013

pic-healthAmidst the ever-changing landscape of health care under the Affordable Care Act, federal and state governments are hard at work developing health insurance programs for uninsured Americans.  Yet despite these efforts, even if all eligible people enroll in subsidized, affordable health insurance programs, millions of people still could remain ineligible for coverage.

Volunteers in Medicine (VIM), a national non-profit organization, is dedicated to creating a network of free clinics to care for a community’s uninsured population. VIM clinics, which encourage practicing and retired medical professionals to volunteer in a caring environment, have proven extremely beneficial to the nearly 100 communities where they are located.  All were organized through the efforts of local hospitals, businesses, churches and key community groups, working with guidance from VIM’s experienced staff.  Volunteers in Medicine clinics are supported by the community; no government money is used to support clinic operations.  An added benefit to private hospitals and government is the savings that result from keeping the uninsured out of local emergency rooms.

As a leader in the health care debate, NSBA has worked with myriad groups in embracing cost-effective, high-quality and innovative health care practices, such as VIM. As such, we are encouraging NSBA members, particularly those in communities with a significant number of uninsured people, to consider interesting others to establish a Volunteers in Medicine clinic. Something as simple as bringing the idea to community groups such as a local hospital, Chamber of Commerce, and so on, could make a huge difference to your community.

For additional information about Volunteers in Medicine, please visit www.volunteersinmedicine.org or contact Amy Hamlin.